Chat with us

Come on into the cathedral and have a chat with us. Some of us bite, so beware!

Please familiarise yourself with The Sermon before you join.

You can enter any nickname that you can think of, or keep the assigned one as is.

If you are new to the concept of IRC, here are some tips for you:

To change your nickname once you are connected, type: /nick NewNickName
To perform an action, type: /me is doing things to him/herself
To join a different channel, type: /join #channelname
To get a list of channels available on the server, type: /list
To stop chatting, type: /quit
To specify a message in your quit, type: /quit Screw you guys, I'm going home.

Things to take note of!

This is not a family channel, and is not suitable for children.
There is often explicit language used, and questionable (though not illegal) content posted in the channel.