Hey all!

Just a little note on Red_Queen - she's been updated again, streamlined so to say, and she will be moving off of my PC, and onto my work PC where she'll be abusing the internet there.

I have added the ability for non Ops to diddle with her as well, but only you guys who used to be OPs.

Commands for you to use:
  In pvt: !help
          !sayit (ex: !sayit I like boobs.)
          !doit (ex: !doit is touching herself.)
          !ghost (ghosts herself, takes back her name, and identifies herself)
          !ident (identifies herself to nickserv)
          !topic *topic text

  In chan: (These start by using her name.)
          Red_Queen kick *nickname
          Red_Queen ban *nickname
          Red_Queen lockdown (this sets the chan to private, invite only, and sets a key)
          Red_Queen unlock (returns the channel to it's normal state)
          Red_Queen lap dance for *nickname
          Red_Queen dance
          Red_Queen isn't he/she hot
          Red_Queen isn't *name hot
          Red_Queen isn't *name *surname hot
          Red_Queen tie down *nickname
          Red_Queen whip *nickname

The rest is still the same. I've added a different YouTube script to her, so it resolves https, and embedded YouTube addresses, and it can pick them out from sentences. *This is not my script, got it from the net.

The autovoice has been simplified and only does voicing.

The karma game has been retired.

Here is the whole of the script which I wrote from scratch:


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