The Karma Game is back.

This time around you will have to register to play it, and as per usual, you will get points for every line of text submitted to the channel.

You score 1 point for every line of text that gets sent. The current High Score mark is set at 1000 points. The Legendary Score is set at 100 000 points. When you reach either of these scores, the channel will be notified.

To register type /msg Red_Queen register *password*
Tips: Make this a unique password that you don't use for anything else. Also make it easy to remember.

To stop playing type /msg Red_Queen remove *password*
Tips: This will be the password that you used to register with.

!kscore - shows you your own score.
!kscore *nickname* - shows you the score for another player.
!kcomare *up to 5 nicknames, but no less than 3* seperated by spaces.
!kinfo - shows you information stored about you by Red_Queen.
!kinfo *nickname* - shows you information stored about another player.
!khelp - will let you know about this page.

The Karma Game 2 is still in development. Feel free to suggest any additions.
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