This, is the LAW.


Follow all Shadowfire rules - or they will fuck you over properly and we'll all just laugh.
Albeit that conflict is well allowed, insipid levels of verbal conflict will not be tolerated - regardless of rank - at this point, you either shut up or fuck off.

You are only allowed one unintentional "A/S/L" ticket in the Cathedral, which you will be crucified for - if you try to use another "A/S/L" ticket - go straight to jail, do not pass begin, do not collect R200 - You will be kicked.

Do not ask or request for operator status - this is still highly annoying. The super operators of the Cathedral have a system by which they decide, and op begging will probably send you right at the bottom of the "to-do" list; constant op begging will leave you digging an operator's shoe out of your ass on the Cathedral stoep.

Operator Rules

All your actions are questionable by any reg; this is the right of any vamp.
Flooding, porn spamming, a/s/l'ing, and intentional disruption should be the only reasons for kicking; anything else read the rule above.

Abuse of any vamp or vamp wannabe will not be tolerated! If you maintain on doing it; you will find yourself sitting under the vops.

Verbals conflicts between an operator and non-operator; or between operators should not end in a kick or a ban, if the kicker/banner was indeed partaking in the insipid verbal conflict; you will be warned and your ban will be lifted - or - both concerned will be temporarily banned. Besides, kicking someone just because they end up owning you in a word fight is rather lame and just makes you look like a tit anyway - the ignore function may be useful to you.

Valid bans should not be touched by anyone except the operator who enforced it, or a higher ranked operator; a ban is valid when the operator states a clear and worthy reason for the ban. A higher ranked operator, should she/he desire to lift the ban will also need a clear and worthy reason.

All rules are subject to revision by the super operators and founder of #vampyres_cathedral - so update yourself every now and then.