Hello folks!

I have just finished scripting a new game for our little channel. It's a game that you play without playing it. There is no effort required from your side, unless you want to be mean!

Basically, whenever you chat in the channel, you get what's called Karma Points for every sentence that you type. Don't try to jippo the system, because there is flood protection enabled, and you will get banned if you flood. 

Once you acquire 10 000 Karma Points you will be allowed to remove as much karma points from anyone else in the channel as long as it doesn't set their scores to below 0. There is a catch, for every such action 2000 Karma Points will be removed from your score as well. Yup, what goes around, comes around.

Here's what you need to know.

To check your score, type !karma in main.
To check the score of someone else, type !karma *nickname* in main.
To remove karma points, pvt Red_Queen, and type !removekarma *nickname* *amount*
Of course substituting *nickname* for an actual nickname, and the amount with positive numbers.

** Edit the person will be sent a memo via memoserv when you remove Karma Points from them. With their old and new values. 

You cannot remove more than what the person has available, so no negative score will be allowed. The least amount of points that anyone can have is 0.

** Edit 13/01/2013

Okay, I have just finished adding Achievements to the script. All you have to do to earn these achievements is talk, nothing fancy.


** KP = Karma Points

1st - When you reach 300 KP, you get 150 KP as a bonus.
2nd - When you reach 600 KP, you get 200 KP as a bonus.
3rd - When you reach 900 KP, you get 250 KP as a bonus.
4th - When you reach 1500 KP, you get 300 KP as a bonus.
5th - When you reach 2500 KP, you get 350 KP as a bonus.
6th - When you reach 4000 KP, you get 400 KP as a bonus.
7th - When you reach 6500 KP, you get 450 KP as a bonus.
8th - When you reach 8500 KP, you get 500 KP as a bonus.
9th - When you reach 9500 KP, you get 550 KP as a bonus, and this will give you a total of 10 050 KP.

At 10 000 KP, you can remove any amount of KP from any person in the channel, thus removing 2000 KP from your score. You can keep on removing KP from people as long as your KP is above 10 000 KP.

At 20 000 KP, you can have any feature that you wish added to Red_Queen, as long as it's not to the detriment of the channel or a person.


Another feature that was added was the !doubleup switch. This is a gamble. You can easily double the amount of KP that you have, or you can lose 100 of the KP you have. So use at your own risk.

It works by generating 2 random numbers. Then it compares the two numbers and if they match, you get double your KP. Each number is from 1 - 10.

It won't set your score to below 0. So you'll keep whatever points you have, should you not have enough.


If you gamble, and it pushes you past the Achievement score, then you won't receive an achievement.

Good luck!

Have funsies!
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