So, Red_Queen as we all knew her is no more. She's no longer a bunch of *.mrc files running in mIRC, on Windows 7 in a virtual machine on an Ubuntu installation.

No, she's now evolved into a daemon of her own, running on my VPS, natively, on CentOS 5. This means that she is now a full-on Linux bitch. The Karma Game is no more, and sadly, she won't quote random things logged from the channel... that is until I learn how to code in Python - which won't be any time soon.

Though with the trade-off's come better things too. So don't be surprised when you next meet our Queen.

In other news, the web chat client has been changed. We no longer use Mibbit, but Kiwi instead. It looks much better, and is more customizable for users. You can have a look at it from the Chat with us! link above.

That is all.
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