The Hall of Lame

The hall dedicated to our slain heroes. You will never be forgotten, dear friends...

What the vamps remember best about good ol' Death:

* You were kicked from #vampyres_cathedral by Death (learn to respect superior beings)
* starfucker was kicked by Death (inferior beings shouldn't try be condesending, it makes them look even more stupid then usual. Scoot!)
* starfucker was kicked by Death (oh i'm sorry, does this irritate you?)
* starfucker was kicked by Death (let's see..the more I kick you, the more desperate your insults become? Let's see what you say next!) 
* Ardeth was kicked by Death (hi ) 
* Ardeth was kicked by Death (i'm just being a tease) 
* Ardeth was kicked by Death (why you grinning?) 
* MeGaLoManiac was kicked by Death (I just don't care) 
* munkyhead was kicked by Death (not tonight dear, I have a headache)

(Note: due to webspace limitations, the above has been heavily abridged... a telephone directory like publication called "kicked by Death" may be released in future)
Goodbye Death... go fuck up some other room.

Aaahh.. everyone who remembers DS, remembers with a smile... DS (DogShit/DorkSeraphim) was known by many wonderful names... but that's not all, he had many wonderful sides aswell:

The Feeler:
* DarkSeraphim_Crying only wishes for death....[DarkSeraphim_Crying] .... for it's sweet release[DarkSeraphim_Crying] ... the soothing darkness 
DarkSeraphim_Crying walks off to his dark lonly heart and shuts to the door. never to be opened again.
*** DarkSeraphim_Crying ( has left #Vampyres_Cathedral

The Hardcore:
[DarkSeraphim_Bleeding] i'm crazy about the site of my own blood
[DarkSeraphim_Bleeding] looks so cool.
[DarkSeraphim_Bleeding] will leave a nice scar on my chest.

The Comedian:
*** G-10 ( has joined #Vampyres_Cathedral
*** G-10 ( has left #Vampyres_Cathedral
[BigSavage] damn channel hoppers...
[DarkSeraphim] channel hoppers
[DarkSeraphim] heheeh
[DarkSeraphim] come back here so we can kick your but!!

The Smooth Operator:
* DarkSeraphim gives Monandaeg a smoosch and runs for it....
[DarkSeraphim] hheeelllppp!* Monandaeg would've shot Dark in the foot, xcept he'd done it already
[DarkSeraphim] ag i'm use to it....

The Valiant:
[DarkSeraphim] respect the cathedral or the templar will kick your ass outa here.

The Man Ladies Just Wont Leave Alone:
[DarkSeraphim] this kinda shit seems to follow me around
[Cryogenics] well....... lifes hard i guess
[gothic] DarkSeraphim same thing happend to me
[DarkSeraphim] this sux
[DarkSeraphim] just when i don't want to be loved i get caught between 4 women
[DarkSeraphim] this fucking sux

The day DS left us, we all laughed.. but deep down inside, we all frowned deeply... who were we gonna laugh at now?